Unit4 Cloud Migration

Unit4 has made a significant announcement regarding its future business operations. As a global partner of Unit4, ONE Solution Group would like to share our view on this.

Shift to SaaS Solutions:
Unit4 announced a strategic shift in its business approach. Starting from December 31, 2024, they will no longer support or maintain their on-premises solutions. Instead, they will focus on providing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions only.

Customer Migration:
In response to this change, Unit4 has committed to offering all their customers a clear and attractive migration path to their SaaS solutions. This means that existing customers using on-premises solutions will have to migrate to Unit4’s cloud-based services.

Authorized Partners:
Only authorized partners will be able to carry out these migration projects with full guarantee from Unit4. Authorized partners with full access to all tools, documentations, processes etc will grant for a successful Cloud Migration Project.

Here we outlines on a high level; both Unit4’s approach to guiding its customers through the transition to SaaS and the involvement of authorized partners, such as ONE Solution Group.


Addressing technical debt, cloud enablement and minimizing dependency to Unit4 is vital to build a solid future proof platform. Engaging with ONE Solution Group, we will take you on an safe and transparent journey and when it comes to how we can deliver on all the changes required, we have developed our own tech platform and methodology to support this process. Fully aligned with Unit4 Cloud strategy! To prove this, we can even deliver it all as ONE Solution as a Service, supported and governed with predictability and with known costs today and tomorrow.

Cloud Migration Assessment:
The initial phase of the migration process is the «Cloud Migration Assessment.» This phase will document the customer’s technical installation and identifying any customizations, integrations, or technical solutions that need to be adjusted/re-written/replaced to meet the requirements of Unit4’s cloud services. Importantly, this assessment phase is to be supported by Unit4 and a Partner and comes at zero cost to the customer. So, all work performed by both the Partner and Unit4 during this assessment process comes at zero cost if you contract ONE Solution Group to support and guide you on this journey.

Technical Debt Evaluation:
In addition to addressing the specific issues highlighted in the assessment report from Unit4, we recommend a collaborative effort between the Partner and the customer to evaluate the technical items identified in the assessment process, but also to look at the overall technical debt and agree on a migration and integration strategy. This includes areas related to customizations, integrations, and other technical aspects of the ERP system.

Feedback and Pricing:
After the assessment is completed, the findings are shared with Unit4, and they will within short provide a feedback on the required changes and a pricing structure for hosting the customer’s Unit4 ERP installation in Unit4’s Azure Cloud. You will in other words get a clear overview what a migration to Unit4 Cloud means in terms of internal effort, time and what it will cost.

Cloud enabled and independent:
Doing minimum changes and not think holistic migration and integration strategy, will not give you a future proof solution. A strategy to eliminate as much of the technical debt as possible should be discussed and agreed. This includes standardizing the system as much as possible, replacing customizations within Unit4 with standard functionality or solve the customization alternatively, outside the Unit4 application and integrate with API’s. Minimizing the customer’s dependence on Unit4 will reduce the complexity and the need for extensive system and integration support by Unit4.


Don’t hesitate to contact us today and let us take you through this journey and secure a future proof, well-functioning and efficient Unit4 solution to your own organization.

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