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ONE Solution Group

Digital Transformation delivered!

ONE Solution Group is a global solution provider in the fast-growing market for Next Generation IT solutions headquartered in Cyprus and we are currently operating out of offices in Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, India and USA.

With ONE Solution as a Service, we ditch the past and the famous Best-Practice approach and embrace technology and new ways of deploying and delivering IT solutions.

We implement and integrate Unit4 ERP with vertical best-of-breed solutions our own way “Next Practice methodology” and on ONE Digital Platform. In this way we drive digital transformation and automation and deliver a totally new User Xperience for all type of user’s cross different system with Voice and AI as ONE unified Solution. With our extensive experience from business software delivered globally for decades, we develop a totally unique and revolutionary Digital Assistant on a highly scalable integration platform and with an embedded Artificial Intelligence engine. Driving digitalization with Voice entirely by Voice over your mobile.

One Solution. Multiple needs | easy to use + east + agile + efficient
To establish a new global solution provider delivering best-in-class business applications combined with our own developed ONE platform – all as ONE Solution as a Service is an ambitious vision which requires a set of software solutions:
One Solution | Unit 4 | Bankinplay | Consulting & System Integrator

Next Generation Tech Company

Simplifying complexity for the benefit of our customers!

ONE Solution Group is a Software development company combined with being a re-seller of best-in-class business software and related IT Consulting and System Integrator.

We represent world-leading companies such as Unit4 and Bankinplay as re-sellers, service- and product development partner. We deliver holistic projects from new implementations, system upgrades, migration to cloud, implemented and integrated end-to-end solutions as ONE Solution as a Service.

We embrace technology and drive all our innovation through our ONE Digital Platform. This is a new digital platform complementing our partners solution and allowing us to deliver fully integrated solutions as ONE Solution as a Service based on VOICE and AI. The uniqueness with our ONE Platform is that we can deliver a revolutionary way of delivering system integrations, process integration, automation and digitalization cross systems with VOICE and AI.

Please contact us, and we will showcase how our innovation can unlock your challenges to drive digitalization and automation with VOICE and AI.

Shaping the future

Next generation delivery of tech as a service!

ONE Solution Group is shaping the future both from a technology perspective, how we innovate with technology, but also how we deliver technology by – Solutions as a Service.

As a Next Practice company, we take pride inn, but also see the importance to challenge the past, as the future are redefined and innovation and technology allows us to think differently. We hence ditch the past Best Practice Approach and look beyond the past and utilizing how the new cloud architecture and development platforms allow us to change how tech is delivered.

With innovation and technology in mind, we have developed our methodology and established what we call Next Practice. As the trend in the market with cloud solutions, we also work with standardization in mind, but you still need a certain level of agility to implement competitive solutions. But the way we implement, integrate, customize, etc are done in a standardized way for us to efficiently support and govern it post go live.

Hand holding using smartphone in a technology meeting
05 PaaS
Platform as a Service
03 ONEaaS
ONE as a Service – Revolutionary platform to integrate and build digital processes cross business applications by AI and Voice
01 ONESolaaS
ALL delivered as ONE Solution as a Service Predictable, scalable and administered
02 Methodology & Tech
Standardized however agile delivery and deployment of business applications - “Next Practice delivered”. Futureproof tech stack and fine-tuned methodology

04 SaaS

Business Software as a Service, such as Unit4 ERP, Bankinplay and best-of-breed industy solutions

06 IaaS
Infrastructure as a Service
– is our way of delivering a set of solutions, implemented and integrated with our own methodology and tech stack, so all complexity are removed and to our customers, it is just ONE Solution delivered as a Service.

Our Mission and Vision

– simplifying and digitalizing business processes through Voice and AI –
delivered as ONE SolaaS


Turning on ONE –Next Practice for implementing, deploying, administer and delivering business applications as a Service. ONE Solution as a Service.


Our mission is to unlock challenges, and deliver ONE Solution as a Service, empowering organizations to drive digitalization through AI and Voice.

Core Values

We live after an IDEA:
I – We act with Integrity and with Innovation in mind
D – We Drive Digitalization
E – We Empower our entire eco-system
A – And we unlock challenges through AI and Voice

Our valuable Partners

Best-in-class solutions integrated and complemented with ONE Digital Assistant!

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